Erin is an actor, director, and currently the artistic director at the Verge Theater in Bozeman, MT.  She’s been a hugely positive force in my life as well as others’ and the community at large.  In this interview, we get to know some of the backstory leading to the crazy, energetic awesomeness that is Erin, she shares with us some of her struggles, and much more.  Erin is someone I admire immensely, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to know her and be able to interview her.  As is the case with every encounter with Erin, many laughs were had…



One thought on “Episode #2: Erin Roberg

  1. Aw! This captures Erin so well. She is such a warm, wonderful person and some of my best moments on stage have been with her. Such a great friend-love her. Nice interview, Steven!

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